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Winnipeg Lawn Services will provide weekly service, on a scheduled basis. We operate our service on a route basis, starting at the beginning of our route list on Monday and working through the route until the end of the week, grouping customers together based on geographical location. Variations of one day may occur due to weather or holiday scheduling.

Call Offs: If for some reason during the season you feel that your lawn does not need service, you must notify us at least 3 days ahead of your scheduled day. Please call or email us if there is a need to change your service schedule. If you are having work done to your house or yard that will interfere with your lawn service, please provide 3 days notice so we can make arrangements and to help minimize the impact to our other customers service.

Makeup Days/Changes: We do schedule make up days so if your service schedule has been changed or delayed we will do our best to continue your service with minimum delay.

Weather Delays: Weather is always a concern and we do our best to have your services completed either before the weather can cause a delay to your service or as soon as possible after any weather delay. For this reason you may receive your service in advance of the scheduled day. We will do our best to confirm our intention of this prior to arriving.

Delays by customer: To provide our customers dependable and timely service we depend on the customers themselves to provide us the time and opportunity to perform our service. Therefore, when our crews are delayed or unable to service a property, and this is caused solely by the action of the customer, the customer will be billed for the service call regardless if the service is provided within that service cycle or not.

Added services: Extra services will be performed as time allows, sometimes during the mowing visit or sometimes at the end of the week. We will attempt to schedule you for service in approximately the same two-day time frame every week.

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Winnipeg Lawn Services

Ph: 669-5296

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