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Winnipeg Lawn Services

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We offer friendly, courteous service for a fair price with dependable staff and well maintained, professional equipment to get the job done.

Like any other relationship, we depend on good communication. If we have not provided you with the level of service that you expect then please contact us so we can correct the situation at once.

The website contains several areas that provide our terms of service and customer and company guidelines. Please read the Scheduling, Service Terms and Billing sections so you are a well informed customer of Winnipeg Lawn Services.

We promise that:

  • We will perform our service in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Service will be performed accordingto the guilines set out in our terms of service or as your contract requires.
  • Billing will be done in a timely manner. Recipts are always available.
  • We will keep you informed of changes to your service or billing requirements.
  • Estimates of service are always FREE.

If you are happy with our service please tell others!

Thank you.

Winnipeg Lawn Services

Ph: 669-5296

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