Spring/Fall Cleanup

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Have you got a ton of leaves to pickup and no time to do it? Hire us to cleanup your leaves and enjoy your spring or fall. No more suffering through the cold, wet, miserable weather of fall, struggling with the thousands of leaves littering your lawn or the leaves left sticking to your lawn inn the springtime. One call takes care of it all!

We try to do our leaf cleanup to coincide with your street pick up dates, or Winnipeg Lawn Services can remove and dispose of the leaves from your property for a small fee when time and trailer space is available.

Power Raking Service involves power raking the turf, blowing out any flower beds connected to the house and vacuuming and bagging the debris.

Yard Cleanups add the collection of leaves and debris from other areas auch as window wells, garden beds, hedges or bushes in the yard. This service is charged hourly rates in addition to the standard Power Rake Service. 

Light Hauling is available for customers needing removal non lawn rekated material,

Lawn Vacuuming is the simple Lawn Vacuum/Bagging of leaves from your lawn but does not include power raking the turf.

Let Winnipeg Lawn Services provide you with Spring or Fall Cleanup services.

Winnipeg Lawn Services

Ph: 669-5296

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